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Know who you are at Soul Level

Soul Realignment is a transformative and enlightening spiritual practice. It is an intuitive healing modality that employs the wisdom of the Akashic Records to help you understand and realign with your true self. This practice offers a deep dive into your Soul's journey, uncovering the narratives, choices, and energies that have shaped your existence across various lifetimes.

The essence of Soul Realignment is to unlock your soul-level potential and facilitate the clearing of negative karmic patterns. It is a pathway to living authentically, embracing your divine gifts, and making empowered choices that reflect your true nature. By accessing the Akashic Records, I provide insights into the Soul's unique blueprint, offering clarity on life’s patterns, purpose, and potential transformations.

The transformative aspect of Soul Realignment is profound, offering a blend of mystical insights with practical steps towards personal growth. It empowers individuals to shed past limitations and step into a life aligned with their Soul's true essence.

This modality is not just about acquiring spiritual knowledge; it's about applying this wisdom to foster genuine changes, promoting a harmonious alignment with one’s spiritual and earthly existence.


This is a journey of self-discovery, soul-level healing, and the unlocking of your spiritual power, inviting you to explore the depths of your being and realign with your highest self


Blocks and restrictions

We create blocks and restrictions through our choices that are not align with our Divine true nature. By upholding those choices, they become part of our Divine Soul Blueprint, through which we receive Vital Force energy. Blocks and restrictions create lack in different areas of life such a wealth, relationships and health and all other dimensional levels of existence, because they are limiting the Vital Energy flow.

Through positive choices, that affirm our divine nature, we correct blocks and restrictions and realign to the flow of vital force energy. The result is always abundance.

If we don't know our divine nature, it’s almost impossible to know what is positive (align) or negative (misalign) choice other than through our results. 


Negative karmic patterns

By making constant choices, consciously or unconsciously,  that are not aligned with your Soul and it's purpose to express Divinity, you create karmic burden. To be able to clear karmic burden, you need to do new, different choices aligned with your Soul. In todays world we have a lot more choices than we have had in human history. Still there are more negative choices available than the positive ones.

A lot of people are experiencing disconnection from the body, inner wisdom and the Soul and have difficulties to recognise the information they are getting, which makes it harder to take actions that serves the higher purpose.



To go ahead with the reading, you will be asked for your permission to read the records by providing some personal info:
-Full name at birth and present name
-Date of birth
-Place of birth (City, Country)


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The reading was accurate and I got confirmation to things I had been feeling. After the clearing work, I have been feeling clarity and connection and being able to deal even with past things that has been difficult. I got also my home cleansed, which was really helpful and I could feel the changes.


The reading was really interesting and soul-opening. Tara knew how to tell very precisely and competently, and to lead based on questions in a detailed manner, so I could put the pieces of things together in my current life. Caused a lot of reflection and some understanding of the life of souls. I highly recommend Tara's readings. He is a sympathetic and warm person, to whom it is easy and pleasant to open life. She listens and understands.