Aloola Healing

I love you
I am sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you

You are the creator of your reality

You are the Divine creator and everything that appears in your reality, is your creation. Everything starts with yourself. Everything that happens – memories, problems, cleansing or what you perceive – must happen inside of you. You cannot get out of you – it is impossible. You are 100% responsible.


Memories or inspiration

You cannot serve two masters, you either follow the inspiration or the memory. That is all you experience. Without memories you are “zero”, the sacred, infinite, nothing. Being in zero is being clear and inspiration from the Source can come through. Everything else are memories playing. 

Memory is the mind replaying the record of the past moment – the history. We are living mostly in our memories, but we are not conscious of all of them. Memories create blocks and restrictions preventing us from being ourselves and everything that we already are, because they are not zero. Being stuck in a memory, is being stuck in time, place, and emotions.


Work on yourself

The peace starts in you. We see things as we are. Every problem you have, is located in your subconscious mind, in the memory. You cannot talk someone out of something, you have to erase the problem (memory) in you. 

Subconscious mind never sleeps, but it's your conscious mind that has the power of choice to let go. By willing to let go, you can go back to zero. Work on yourself and everybody else will be alright!



The one who has the memory must erase and clean even others memories. When you get conscious about something, you should take responsibility and clean it up. By cleaning you clean everyone that is tuned up to that memory, consciously or unconsciously. You “reset” yourself to zero which is the Divinity, where all the answers lay. You set yourself and others free.


- Tara, Ho'oponopono practitioner