Aloola Healing

About us

Aloola Healing Ltd is a newly established company in Jamaica, that focuses on healing practices. We have an interest and a passion for exploring human functionality as a physical, psychological/mental, emotional and energetical being.

Our goal is to create a space that fosters healing, growth, and transformation. We envision a place where people can come to receive customized and holistic care that addresses their unique physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. We want to create an environment that promotes relaxation, mindfulness, harmony, and inner peace, while also providing effective and evidence-based treatments.

  • Energy healing and cleansing
  • Somatic practices and healing
  • Distance healing
  • Meditation & Breath work
  • EFT -tapping
  • Sound medicine
  • Couching
  • Soul Realignment readings
  • Home cleansing
  • Property cleansing


What is energy medicine?
Energy medicine works with subtle forms of energy known as chi or prana that exist in and around the human body. It aims to help the flow of energy and remove blocks. The intention of Energy Healing is to balance your nervous and energy systems
What is sound medicine?
Sound medicine is sound healing using specific instruments and sounds intentionally to balance and heal the body, mind and spirit. It creates a vibrational environment which becomes a catalyst for healing in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being. Sound is vibration and we are vibrational beings. Sound healing is a holistic practice, also known as vibrational therapy or sound therapy that utilizes sound and frequencies.
Why somatic is important?
Somatic means language of the body. Stress and even trauma often have non verbal expressions e.g. through sensing, breath, movement and body language. So it is important to connect with your body and listen to it. You can release stress and trauma and calm your nervous system through your soma with right practices.
What is shadow work?
Shadow is exiled, rejected, denied, suppressed aspects of self and the collective. Shadow work means working consciously with those shadows and your triggers in order to heal and grow.
What is healing?
Healing refers to the process of restoring health and well-being usually after experiencing illness, injury, or emotional distress. It involves the body's natural ability to repair and regenerate damaged tissues, as well as the mind's capacity to cope with and overcome emotional and psychological challenges. Our bodies are programmed to heal itself, but sometimes we need help to activate the recovery process. Healing can occur on multiple levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
What does it mean to have purging symptoms after the healing session?
As a result of the treatment, the energetic blockages in the body begin to loosen and leave the body. The cleansing process can cause "purging symptoms". Purging symptoms are a sign that there are many blockages in the body that are being cleared. Purification symptoms may already appear during the treatment, but mostly within approx. 2 days of the treatment. In rare cases, symptoms may last for a week. You cannot know in advance who will develop symptoms.